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Part-time or Fulltime Childminding


I will provide your child with lots of enjoyable activities!

We will look at different celebrations and events from around the world, and will be creating lots of lovely things to take home. I’m a big fan of baking so you could get to try some tasty treats. I really enjoy setting up small world areas; This type of play is such a brilliant way of developing speech and language and social skills for children, it also teaches children how to use their imagination and to explore using all of their senses. I will be incorporating some outdoors learning into our play. Children just love exploring outdoors whatever the weather! It’s fun to collect things and see what we can create. We love to get messy with gloop, playdough, glitter, shaving foam, paints and much much more.


What do I need?


  • Two spare sets of clothing

  • Comforter

  • Formula Milk

  • Bottles

  • Nappies

  • Wipes

  • Nappy cream

  • Sun cream

  • Sunhat

  • Wellies

  • Coat


Hours and Rates


  • I am open: 8:00-5:30 pm Mon-Thurs,

                   8:00-12:30 pm Fridays.

Full day @ £50 - 8:00-5:30

  • Any extra hours will be added on at a rate of £5

Government funded places

I offer the free 15 hour and the free 30 hour government funded hours.

Please look on the childcare choices website for more information.


I will close for five/ six weeks throughout the year. This will usually be two weeks over Christmas, one week at Easter, one week in the summer holidays plus a half term week. This is so I get some quality time with my family and make some lovely memories.

  • I am closed on Bank Holidays.

  • There will be no charge if I am closed for holiday’s or if am sick.

Baby’s Days Management Software

I use the baby’s days software for all aspects of my childminding business. It allows daily communication between myself and parents, tracking your child’s development, storing all of your child’s details in a GDPR secure digital file and much much more.

This is a really lovely way of keeping you as parents involved and viewing what your child is doing throughout the day.

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